Hello Internet masses,

I’m Slade Farrow, new contributor to the Tales of Wonder blog. In the past, I have written the readers’ guides for Tales of Wonder, and shall now use my prestigious powers over the written word to bring you new previews for upcoming books, as well as perhaps some other, secret-y things in the future.

Today, I’m here to promote casually talk about the upcoming collection, Child of Tomorrow! & Other Stories by Al Feldstein. Like the popular EC Archives series of collections, Child of Tomorrow! collects stories originally published by EC Comics in the 1950′s during the Golden Age of Horror Comics. Unlike the EC Archives however, Child of Tomorrow! focuses on the science fiction works of Al Feldstein.

“Who is Al Feldstein?” you ask. Well, Al Feldstein is a comic book illustrator and writer who wrote lots of material for many books published by EC Comics during the late 1940′s and early 1950′s before becoming editor of the popular and long-running Mad humor magazine series in 1956, a position he held until 1984. Since then, Al Feldstein has largely retired from the comic book industry, instead focusing on wildlife painting. Despite his long absence from the comic book industry, Al Feldstein is still a widely-respected artist, and his influence on American comics was recognized and rewarded in 2003 when he was inducted into the Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame.

Child of Tomorrow! & Other Stories by Al Feldstein features fifteen stories written by Feldstein in the 1950′s for the EC Comics anthology series Weird Science and Weird Fantasy, including “‘Things’ from Outer Space,” “The Flying Saucer Invasion,” “Spawn of Venus,” “Destruction of the Earth,” and “Am I Man or Machine?”

Here’s a five page preview of this upcoming book:

“The Connection”

Connection-1 Connection-2

“Cosmic Explosion”

Cosmic Explosion-01 Cosmic Explosion-02

“Across the Sun”

Across the Sun-1